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August 14, 2012

The Devil made me do it!

By Robert "Rosey" Rosenthal

The Devil made me do it!

   Printmakers just can't leave enough alone.  It may take years to sell an edition, so two or three years later you may look at your image and say I don't like the way I did that or I think I'll make a little change of mood there.

   If it is a very little change I'd keep the edition and state the same.  If it a big change then I would call the print a new state or indicate that I've cancelled the first edition at a given number and rename the image.

   Well, I've done just that with Jester Gesture-Fond Memories, now she is Jester Gesture-Heartbreaker.  I've cancelled Fond Memories at an edition of 3 and altered it to Heartbreaker

   Now, have a little fun and spot the major alterations that changed the image.


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