1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Robert "Rosey" Rosenthal

Robert "Rosey" Rosenthal

Rosey, inspired by an artistic uncle and comic book artists like Frank Frazzetta, Wally Wood and Al Williamson, considered himself an artist by kindergarten.

Graduating with a BFA from Pratt Institute he began a 10 year career as an advertising art director with clients such as Elgin Time, Neutrogena and Schafer Beer. In this demanding profession he learned discipline and craftsmanship, a good balance to the unbridled creativity of art school.

After moving to Los Angeles, he left the profitable ad agency world, determined to create his own fine art. He applied himself to drawing, painting and especially printmaking. His reputation grew, and with agents selling his prints nationally, Rosey left the crowded beach communities of Los Angeles for the peace and space of California's Central Coast.

Rosey and his wife Barbara, also an artist, helped found the Central Coast Printmakers, were Board members of the San Luis Obispo Art Center and opened Granada Arts Printmaking Studio where they created thousands of their original etchings for national distribution.

Later they lived in Granada, Spain, as artists-in-residence for the FundaciΓ³n Rodriguez-Acosta.

Rosey shared another adventure with his wife, demonstrating etching, and selling original prints at the California Renaissance Pleasure Faires.

In addition to etching, Rosey has recently been drawn to the powerful graphic quality of another printmaking medium, the linocut. Now he is making linocut prints in his own unique style, as well as, etchings and gouache paintings.


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