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Whether it's $1 or $10,000, every gift matters. Donate and ensure that our transformative and impactful programs continue to make a tremendous difference, one life at a time.

Our 2022 Annual Fund Campaign was a huge success. Click here for our booklet with more information. Join our donors and make a real difference!

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Contributions to support our mission and underwrite specific programs are tax-deductible. We work with corporations, foundations and individuals to identify investment opportunities that meet organizational and personal giving goals. For more information about making a gift to Studios, please contact us at 805.238.9800.

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Give the Gift of Inspiration

Charitable gifts to recognize life’s important milestones including engagements, weddings, birthdays, retirements are a creative way to recognize a friend or family member, while expressing your support of the Studios on the Park.

For more information about making a gift to Studios, please contact us at 805.238.9800.

What Your Support Has Done For Our Community This Year

Lives Transformed
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Your Dollars at Work

We survive and thrive thanks to you!

We rely on donations to provide the majority of funds we use to support our mission. Thanks to your generosity, we are bringing art to the community and the community to art.

Kids Art Smart

In the last year, the Kids Art Smart program has seen 2,500 children participate in free art lessons, Mid-State Fair printmaking opportunities, and summer pop-up classes, totaling over 18,000 students since the program began in 2011.

And now... Mural Arts!

The latest and greatest expression of our mission to advance the arts in our community is Enjoy PASO, our first ever painted outdoor artwork at 1215 Spring Street. A collaboration between renowned mural artist Pat Milbery and dozens of local youth and volunteers, the 99 foot long work of art revitalizes and beautifies, inspires dialogue, and unites the Paso Robles community around a sense of place.

Donation Stories

Dubost Ranch Winery

Students, volunteers and Kate Dubost celebrated the $5000 raised from the of Dubost Ranch Winery-sponsored “Destination Wedding” premiere for Kids Art Smart

Heart to Heart Real Estate & Thacher Winery

Mark McConnell and Liz Lee, owners of Heart to Heart Real Estate in Paso Robles, present a generous check. Sherman and Michelle Thacher of Thacher Winery in Paso Robles designated Studios as a beneficiary through their association with Heart to Heart.

Paso Pops

PASO POPS, the annual patriotic-themed concert and Independence Day celebration complete with fireworks sponsored by the Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles, delivered four checks to local nonprofit youth arts programs, including Studios on the Park.

The Avalon Foundation

Lisa Stromsoe & Lori Buzzetti of the Avalon Foundation are visionary and committed donors who have generously supported Studios on the Park with annual gifts since we opened our doors in 2009. Here they are with founder Anne Laddon.

Salon Roux

Here Jacque Leonard owner of Salon Roux, a full-service salon and spa in Paso Robles, gives $14,000 for Kids Art Smart. The funds were raised from a special benefit concert featuring A. J. Croce to celebrate the salon’s fifth anniversary.

Central Coast Wine Classic Foundation

Archie McLaren, Chairman of the Central Coast Wine Classic Foundation, presents Anne Laddon with the grant check that started Kids Art Smart.

Donor Wall

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all who contributed to keep essential arts services in our community
  • Lois and Duke Williams Memorial Fund
  • Patricia Ericson Hood 
  • Resnick Foundation 
  • Liz Lee and Mark McConnell
  • Heart to Heart Real Estate 
  • Ken and Marilyn Riding 
  • Leslie and Mitch Wyss Giving Fund 
  • The Community Foundation 
  • Matt Masia Adelaide Inn 
  • Liz and Newlin Hastings 
  • Travel Paso 
  • American Riviera 
  • Celeste Hope 
  • Solterra Strategies 
  • Margie B. Danley Trust 
  • Helen S. Blythe Trust 
  • Marjorie E. Wray 
  • Kevin and Alecia Teague 
  • James Irving and Anne Laddon 
  • CJ Tucker and JC Peterson 
  • Mark Spencer and Lorraine Young 
  • Barbara and John Partridge 
  • Stephanie and Ken Wilbanks 
  • Karen Miller 
  • Debbie and Tim Kopack 
  • Nicholas and Kathleen Tompkins 
  • Eric Morley 
  • The Avalon Foundation 
  • Lee & Tony Adinolfi 
  • Mary Baiamonte 
  • Karyn and John Blaney 
  • Sybil and Craig Bonelli 
  • Lori Buzzetti 
  • Maggie D’Ambrosia and Marc Goldberg 
  • Koene Graves 
  • Carol Kiessig 
  • Dee Lacey 
  • Susan Lyon 
  • Thom Schulz
  • Thomas A. Weiss 
  • Carolyn Braun 
  • Martin Howell 
  • Allison Denlinger 
  • Nancy and Doug Beckett
  • Bryan and Louise Beckham
  • Kathleen and Keith Belmont
  • Mary Bianco 
  • Pat Bland 
  • Fred Bogart 
  • Mike and Kathy Bradford
  • Carolyn and Jim Brescia
  • Lorraine Cagliero 
  • Gail Cayetano 
  • Kathy and Dale Gomer
  • Dawn and Steve Gregory
  • Corban Holland 
  • Pam and Ed Jardini 
  • Roberta Jorgensen 
  • Jean Kuntze 
  • Lauren Rava 
  • Paul Shannon 
  • Pat Stevens 
  • Janet and William Wallace
  • Julie Whitmore 
  • Paula Delconte Living Trust Kathleen Hoelscher 
  • Deborah Lyszczek 
  • Debra and Mark Jurey 
  • Jensen Family Charitable Fund
  • Carolyn Chambers 
  • Barbara Sefton 
  • Carolyn Chambers 
  • James and Suzanne Edwards
  • James Hallisey and Linda Searl
  • John and Myriam Grant
  • John Falkenstein 
  • Kathleen Hoelscher 
  • Mary Kay Harrington 
  • Karl and Cindy Wittstrom
  • Jennifer Thompson 
  • Elizabeth Rundstom 
  • David Butz 
  • Linda Bauer 
  • Vicki McPartland 
  • Charlotte Henry 
  • Steve Jobst and Jill Anderson
  • Susan Griffiths 
  • Petra and Brian Patterson
  • Bakersfield Art Association
  • Laurie and Jack Sinton 
  • Cynthia Anthony 
  • Susie Archer 
  • Barbara Bell 
  • Courtney Bell 
  • Patricia and Dale Breckow
  • Dennis and Betsy Breckow
  • Beth Brennan
  • Beth Burk 
  • Jennifer Carey 
  • Diane and Michael Coffin
  • Jerry and Todd Corgill
  • Julian and Donna Crocker
  • Jed and Katie Dawson
  • Alison Denlinger 
  • Leora Eide 
  • Jessica Fullerton 
  • Larry Gabriel 
  • Casey Gilmore 
  • Diane Goelz 
  • Isiah and Georgia Gomer
  • Elizabeth Graves 
  • Barbara Haas 
  • Marjorie Hamon 
  • Theresa and Dennis Harrah
  • Jenna Hartzell 
  • Jamie Hastings 
  • Charlotte Henry 
  • Shase Hockey 
  • Angela Hollander 
  • Celeste Hope 
  • Victoria Hughes 
  • Matt Iaia 
  • Sasha and Jesh Irving
  • Jean Juhl 
  • Debra Jurey 
  • Lynn Kishiyama 
  • Gemma Krumland 
  • Bob and Isolde Lata 
  • Andre and Lauren Lekai
  • Kathrein Madonna 
  • Rebecca McMahon 
  • Leah Miller 
  • Kyra Patterson 
  • Maxine Raia 
  • Joel Peterson 
  • Kathleen Reneau 
  • Linda Rhyne 
  • Elizabeth Rolph 
  • Barbara and Rosey Rosenthal
  • Sharon Ross 
  • Jean Ross 
  • Pam Ryan 
  • Emma Saperstein 
  • Chris Sands 
  • Elizabeth and Mark Sarrow
  • Karen Satterfield 
  • Jeff Shannon 
  • Cri Cri and Rich Solak-Eastin
  • Linelle Soxman 
  • Leann Standish 
  • Linda Starkman 
  • Abby Steele 
  • Danna Stroud 
  • Gail Tannehill 
  • Libby Tolley 
  • Kathy Tucker 
  • Margaret and Larry Ward
  • Tom Weiss 
  • Francie White 
  • Karen Willer 
  • Meg and Hugh Williamson
  • Karl and Cindy Wittstrom
  • Carla Young
  • Susan Bassett
  • Larry Le Brane
  • Sally Dunn
  • Herbert Hudgins
  • Andrea Brehe 
  • Patricia Watters
  • Janice Littlejohn
  • Suzanne Redburg
  • Michael Silver
  • Jim Tyler 
  • Kate Benneche
  • Judy Coleman
  • Amy Collete
  • Sarah D’Ambreau
  • Nicole Haisma 
  • Judy Hallam
  • Mary Manni
  • Diane Ward
Winery Partners
  • Cass
  • Epoch
  • Broken Earth
  • Justin
  • DuBost
  • Adelaida Cellars
  • Dilecta
  • Cypher
  • Alta Colina
  • High Camp
  • Kiamie
  • Thatcher
  • Hope Family
  • Ancient Peaks
  • Kinero


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