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January 13, 2017

Guns in America: Passionate expressions on display at Studios on the Park

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Guns in America: Passionate expressions on display at Studios on the Park

By Sonja Eschenburg

PASO ROBLES — The United States’ gun control debate has held a political presence for ages and will likely continue to do so for decades to come. The fact of the matter is there is no easy answer.

It is undeniable that gun control has made a lasting impact on our country’s perspective of law and legislation. Advocates for both sides can easily point to equally compelling evidence to support their arguments. That being said, all can agree though that gun control itself touches on endless moral and ethical principals, regardless of one’s political stance.

In Paso Robles, local artists from the San Luis Obispo County community are expressing their opinions on this important subject through this month’s ongoing “Guns In America” themed art exhibit.

Hosted by Studios on the Park at Atrium Gallery until Jan. 29, this event gives artists the ability to submit fine art medium pieces, said jurist Tom Peck. Regardless of their point of view, the artists have depicted a diverse set of passionate ideas and personal expression through a fresh approach and well-executed work. The artwork, more or less, should elicit an immediate reaction or emotional response from the viewer.

For most artists, like Eve Chartrand who submitted three different pieces in this year’s exhibit, the topic of this art exhibit is one that they plan to take full advantage of. Creating a piece of art regarding gun control, an extremely controversial issue, allows artists to capture their own personal feelings and emotions on the issue.

“I sincerely hope this show will serve as a platform of discussion,” said Chartrand. “My (goal) is not to change or convince anyone, but if I can get people to reflect on a matter dear to my heart or reach out to (someone) and touch their heart, then it is a start towards change.”

For any questions regarding this show, contact Executive Director Sasha Irving at 805-610-5596.



Titled “Never again… Mending Wounds of the Past by Cultivating Compassion and Channeling Kindness.” Artist Eve Chartrand said the piece is “rooted in war, embedded in violence and fear, humanity must look forward to survive in hope of scavenging seeds of peace. One must be thoroughly aware of early warning signs of iniquity, discrimination and seek non-violent resolutions to pressing, overwhelming human tragedies and conflicts to avoid harmful, destructive behaviors. The canary is a metaphor of an advanced warning sign of some imminent danger that originates from the time when miners used to carry caged canaries while at work; if there were any methane or carbon dioxide in the mine, the canary would die before the levels of the gas reached those hazardous to humans.”

Titled “Comfortably Numb,” this mixed media installation is a comment on how we rely on false pretenses and are seduced by superficial matters, said Chartrand. The chair itself represents how w rest comfortably on assumptions and false beliefs to avoid responsibility and avoid acknowledging reality – which in this case is violence, hurt, the indoctrination of gun lobbying, the dogma of religion, etc.

Titled “Design Style 101: How to Recreate a Hollywood Regency Style in Your Home: Hunt and Kill Exotic Animals Solely to Achieve an Over-the-top Glamorous Look and Create a Precious Display of Wealth That Diligently Muzzles the Screams of Slaughtered Animals.” Overall, this piece of art is a comment on hunting.


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