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May 16, 2014

ArtsFest is festival of arts

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ArtsFest is festival of arts

Paso ArtsFest, is “upping its game,” says ArtsObispo, with an event name change that shows a forward-thinking mindset.

“As our event has evolved and the community has embraced it so fully, we realized that we needed a name that better spoke to the experience of the event,” said Paso Robles Tourism Coordinator Shonna Howenstine. “‘Festival of the Arts’ to us didn’t quite capture the magical and dynamic nature of our event to the degree that we wanted; ‘Paso ArtsFest’ really speaks to who we are. Our event truly is a celebration of the arts in capitals — visual arts of all kinds, music, dance and creating; each attendee, no matter what age, is able to participate in producing art and really, truly celebrating the arts in a way that no other event in the area offers. Right here in Paso Robles.”

Anne Laddon, founder of Studios on the Park and artistic director for ArtsFest, echoed some of Howenstine’s statements.

“The shorter name reflects the fun feeling and easy accessibility of the event and ties the event to its parent organization, Studios on the Park,” Laddon said in a press release. “This is a strategic change for Studios on the Park. Few people realize that Studios on the Park is a nonprofit organization that throws this fabulous festival every year to get the community excited about the arts. The new fun name and logo gives us a way to let SLO County know about our valuable mission and let visitors know that there is a whole host of amazing artist talent on display in their favorite wine region.”

Paso ArtsFest is the largest free art event in San Luis Obispo County and has a week’s worth of activities planned for artists, visitors and county residents in addition to the much-beloved main event that takes place the Saturday of every Memorial Day weekend in the Paso Robles downtown City Park. This year’s event is on Saturday, May 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

More than a thousand visitors attend ArtsFest with buzz about the event drawing more to Paso Robles’ Downtown City Park each year.

“This event is inspiring and beneficial to so many different groups in the area, it’s almost hard to quantify; I would say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and there are so many great parts to our event!” Howenstine said. “Families love that their children have access to art activities and live performances; our local arts and nonprofit organizations are grateful for the opportunity to give back to this community while introducing a broad spectrum of arts activities; local winery owners and sponsors have stepped up in support of the arts because they appreciate how access to the arts strengthens a community. The downtown businesses love ArtsFest because they are busy all day and the crowds are happy.”

ArtsFest’s days of art include a tour and luncheon at Hearst Castle; keynote speaker and judge Quang Ho, a renowned artist and philosopher born in Vietnam; wet painting sale and auction; and the main event on Saturday.

“With all of the fantastic press Paso Robles has been getting lately, this is the perfect time for our art festival to reach out to potential visitors who appreciate wine, food, art and beautiful scenery,” states Barbara Partridge, ArtsFest chair in a press release. “We know that people are coming here on vacation for Memorial Day weekend, we are offering them the opportunity to make the arts part of their experience in a much bigger way than ever before.”

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