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Why Didn't You Make It Larger?

June 30 - August 14, 2016

Why Didn't You Make It Larger?

June 30 - August 14, 2016
Studio 4 Gallery

Small stuff by Peg Grady and Heidi Petersen

About the Exhibition
We were sitting around the studio one afternoon, drinking our beers, trying to figure out a title for this show. A two person show needs to have a common theme. What did our art work have in common that would lend itself to birthing a catchy headline? We have two very different mediums: paint and thread vs. clay; 2-dimensions vs. 3-dimensions. But we’ve shared a studio for several years now and we inevitably influence one another.... there must be a common theme. Nope. We hit a road block.

So Peg turned to the internet for inspiration and she found Are you kidding me?!? She read out some of the titles just for laughs. “Don’t Do It” was a good one. “Zebra Crossing”? Not so much. On down the list to #23 where we found “Why Didn’t You Make It Larger?”. “That’s it!” Why? We don’t know...., but there you go. It made us laugh and sometimes you just know.

FYI: “Why Didn’t You Make it Larger?” also reminded us of the questions we often hear from visitors to our studio. “Why did you choose that color?”, “Why did you make that so small?”, “What does that mean?”, “What do you use this for?” (well, it’s a bowl). Fair enough questions. Probably shampoo makers are often asked why they added that flowery fragrance. Someone told them it smells good, and we think our art is just the right color and size.

So here’s our small stuff. Peg made tiny stitches on little canvases and tiny brush strokes on tiny panels. Heidi threw tiny cups with tiny saucers and constructed small survival kits for micro emergencies.

Why didn’t we make it larger? We think you know why.

Credit where credit is due:
Show Title, #Why Didn’t You Make It Larger by Stefan Brüggemann


Exhibition Special Events
Art After Dark Paso Opening Reception
Saturday, July 9: 6 pm - 9 pm



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