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The Pyramid Project

May 1 - 31, 2019

The Pyramid Project

May 1 - 31, 2019
Deprise Brescia's Studio

Come experience the energies of the crystal pyramid in studio #10. The pyramid was created by resident artist Deprise Brescia and associate artist Carlota Santa Cruz for healing, meditation and well-being.

Specifics of The Pyramid
The energies of the pyramid are focused on healing by design. Based on the Nubian or Russian pyramid with a 72' angle. The use of stones amplify and enhance the energies. Quartz crystal, jade, granite, selenite, citrine, marble, black and blue kyanite are use in the construction for their energetic properties.The pyramid stands approximately 8 feet tall with a base of 5 feet by 5 feet. It weight just under 300 lbs and comes apart for transportation. It sits upon a mobile platform 40 inches off the ground. 

Summary of Benefits from Pyramid Use According to Dr. Alexander Golod, PhD’s Research.
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1. Immune system of organisms improved (blood leukocyte composition) increased
2. Improved regeneration of tissue
3. Seeds stored in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield
4. After construction Lake Seliger pyramid showed a marked improvement of the ozone above the area.
5. Seismic activity near pyramid research areas are reduced in severity and size.
6. Violent weather also appears to decrease in the vicinity of the pyramids.
7. Pyramids constructed in Southern Russia (Bashkiria) appeared to have a positive effect on oil production with oil becoming less viscous by 30% and the yield of the oil wells increased according to tests carried out by the Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas
8. A study was done on 5000 prisoners who ingested salt and pepper that had been exposed to the pyramids energy field. The test subjects exhibited a greatly reduced violence rate and overall behavior was much improved.
9. Standard tissue culture tests showed an increase in survival of cellular tissue after infection by viruses and bacteria.
10. Radioactive substances show a decreased level of radiation inside the pyramid.

Crystal and Stone Properties
The following stones were used in the creation of the pyramid for their energetic properties:

  • Quartz Crystal - Master Healer, Amplifies Energy
  • Granite - Grounding, Protection, Banishes Negativity
  • Selenite - Unblocks Negative & Stagnant Energy
  • Marble - Clarity, Peak Performance, Increased Patience
  • Jade - Emotional Healing, Protection, Luck
  • Citrine - Enlightenment, Clarity
  • Blue and Black Kyanite - Unblock & Balance Chakras, Clears Negativity
  • Tigers Eye - Balance, Vitality, Strength of Will


Our Team
Created by artist Deprise Brescia and researcher Carlota Santa Cruz M.A., the pyramid project was funded in part by the Coastal Awakening Grant.

This crystal pyramid installation artwork falls into the category of "Transformational Energy Art" and was created for uplifting places, spaces and people.

Sensations from being in or around the pyramid may include: body heat, hot flashes, memory recall, feelings of peacefulness, calmness, forgiveness, anger resurfacing and lightness. These can be symptoms of energies and blockages being released. Breathing through these sensations as they arise is advised. Be the observer and practice non-attachment. Grounding oneself afterwards is advised. Placing your bare feet on the earth or stones, being in nature, drinking herbal tea are a few simple ways to help ground yourself.

The Power of The Pyramid - These are some of the responses to sitting in the pyramid:

  • "I felt complete BLISS and wish the sensation would last"
  • "Slept like a baby, first time in a long while"
  • "I had so much energy, it was fantastic"
  • "It felt like really warm energy coming up through my body"
  • "I got emotional and let go of some really heavy things"
  • "Emotions started bubbling up and I let them go"
  • "My meditation was profoundly insightful!"
  • "The energies are so powerful, it's awesome!"
  • "I let go of anger"
  • "Thank you for creating this"
  • "It's amazing!"




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