1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Studio Showcase

November 4, 2023

Studio Showcase

November 4, 2023
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Studios' Resident Artists invite you to join them for an evening of art and creativity as they open their studios to showcase their latest masterpieces and creative wonders!

Some artists are unveiling new masterpieces, while some are showing works from their archives for the very first time. Don't miss this unique opportunity to step into the vibrant world of these talented artists on November 4th from 6-9 pm and November 5th from 12-4 pm!

Bob Simola: “Faces in a Crowd” - Explore the captivating world of Bob Simola’s artistry as he unveils his collection, “Faces in a Crowd”, an exploration of human expressions and emotion.

Anne Laddon: “Passion for Pastels” - Anne Laddon’s pastel creations come to life in her exhibit, showcasing her profound love for the timeless medium.

Terez Tyni: “Impressions of the Central Coast” - Terez Tyni’s evocative works will transport you to the breathtaking beauty of the Central Coast through her unique impressions.

Dennis Curry: “Honoring Nature” - Dennis Curry’s exhibit ‘Honoring Nature” pays homage to the natural world, emphasizing the importance of conservation and appreciation.

Tamara Thornton: - “Animal House” Tamara Thornton’s canvases come alive with vivid portraits of animals, capturing their essence in a symphony of color and detail.

Hellie Blythe: “The Several Ready Grins” - Hellie Blythe’s collection, “The Several Ready Grins” promises to bring a smile to your face with its whimsical charm.

Lynn Kishiyama: “Night of a Thousand Cranes” - Lynn Kishiyama’s ‘Night of a Thousand Cranes” invites you into a world of elegance and tradition, featuring the art of origami and the symbolism of cranes.


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