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Justice In Justice

September 5 - 29, 2019

Justice In Justice

September 5 - 29, 2019
Atrium Gallery

There is a movement underway in the United States to shift the policies of mass-incarceration away from the transactional system of retribution and punishment toward the more humane objectives of restoration and healing.

In this exhibit, artistic expressions which illustrate the transactional nature of what the justice system imposes on the people caught up within it, are juxtaposed with visuals of those ways in which justice is served by placing humanity within the context of seeking justice-in-justice.

Together with advisory and outreach support of Mauer Kunst Consulting's Henry A. J. Ramos and Frank de Jesus Acosta, guest curators Heather and Kevin Mikelonis invited artists in all mediums to share compelling, thought-provoking, and fearless expressions on this theme. They hope that this resulting collection of works will serve to educate, inspire, remove fear and form bonds with one’s own other. Perhaps even ask, of what are we so afraid?

If we can’t see it, we can’t feel it. If we can’t feel it, we can’t know it. If we don’t know it, nothing changes. The suffering of those whom we do not know then continues under the systems we may unknowingly support. Art is a powerful ally in illustrating the ways in which healing on both sides of injustice is the ultimate justice to strive for instead of solely seeking punishment, full stop.

Exhibition Related Special Events
Celebrating Justice In Justice
Wednesday, September 4: 6 pm - 8 pm

Art After Dark Paso Opening Reception
Saturday, September 7: 6 pm - 9 pm

Justice In Justice in The Park
Saturday, September 14: 10 am - 4 pm

Justice in Justice: Advancing New Models in Community Violence Prevention and Restorative Justice
Saturday, September 21: 5 pm - 7 pm

Featured Artists
Tomas Teko Alejo
Armando Arorizo
C. Branscombe
Daniel Cervantes
Melanie Cervantes
Roel Escobar
J. Emilio Flores
Hugo Gonzalez
Sonia Guiñansaca
Xavier Haro
Brian Hefner
Jessie Hernandez
Victor Ibarra
Robert Liu-Trujillo
C. Mann
Sheila Pinkel
Matthias Pressley
Mahira Raihan
Henry A. J. Ramos
Eddie Ruvalcaba
Sadig Saibu
Jhonny Segura
Esperanza Sobrado-Torrico
Rommy Sobrado-Torrico
Art Twink
Wendell Wiggins

Jeannette Carrillo & the team at Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos (BU)
Fabian Debora & the team at Homeboy Industries
George Galvis & the team at CURYJ
Terence Long & the team at Ella Baker Center
Henry A. J. Ramos & Frank de Jesus Acosta of Mauer Kunst Consulting
Mauricio Ramos & the team at CHIRLA
Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy - WordsUncaged program, California State University, Los Angeles


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