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Holiday Reflections: What Really Matters

November 27, 2009 - January 3, 2010

Holiday Reflections: What Really Matters

November 27, 2009 - January 3, 2010
Atrium Gallery

Central Coast artists reflect on the holiday season and what matters most. All works are 16" x 16" or smaller and under $500.

Featuring original work by:

Jan Aijian, Don Archer, Nancy Becker, Jamie Bruzenak, Pat Cairns, Laure Carlisle, Kathleen DePalma, Heidi Franscioni, Peg Grady, Lynn Kishiyama, Anne Laddon, Penelope Lentz, Judy Lyon, Susan McKee, Emily Miller, Michael Miller, Carol Paquet, Tom Peck, Henry A. J. Ramos, Gregory Simmons, Lori Slater, Anne Stahl, Sharon Sobraske, Sally Tippman, Peggy Vrana, Sarah Winkler, and Jeanette Wolff.

Download the exhibit poster here.

What Really Matters by Petra Rockwell Patterson
November 2009

It matters that we learn the difference between what to hold close and what to let go.

It matters how we ease into the day, nodding our heads in gratitude.

It matters that we right ourselves, find our inner compass and keep a steady hand on the tiller.

It matters that we lift our heads and notice who and what needs tending.

It matters that we look to a higher power and welcome a relationship.

It matters that we dig, polish our talents and share them with others.

It matters that we are resilient, forgiving of ourselves and others, ready to start fresh each day.

It matters that we are flexible, can bend and stretch and reach.

It matters that we celebrate the joy, fill a room with laughter.

It matters that we live in the present, showering those that matter to us with love.

It matters that we embrace our differences, and nurture the best in one another.

Every smile, every gentle touch, every one matters.

November 2009

I know the answer to that –
It’s love. Except that’s no answer
at all, because as years turn, love shifts

its shape like glass in a kaleidoscope:
parents, friends, lovers, children,
lives connect in different patterns.

As mirrors glued in a kaleidoscope
reflect light and make bits of glass
glow like jewels,

so what matters in life is the light
that love shines into darkness
illuminating the ordinary.


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