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Eat Your Heart Out

February 5 - March 1, 2015

Eat Your Heart Out

February 5 - March 1, 2015
Atrium Gallery

“Eat Your Heart Out" is a special monthlong exhibition showcasing original artworks inspired by our appetite’s objects of affection.

Grandma always said that when you love someone you cook for them. This act, cooking, is love made manifest. Meals have a way of capturing memories, emotions and feelings by pulling all of the senses into a specific moment. It is the lingering of that moment that has inspired so many artists of the past. The Danish movie Babette’s Feast comes to mind in particular. One’s personal narrative wrapped in “food memories” is the fodder for this show’s creative expression. The more personal, the better.

Curator, juror, artist and organic farmer Joe Thomas dared artists to reveal something about themselves. Love and Food signify intimate, revelatory moments of the universal, what it means to be human. Can a work of art touch upon that? Joe thinks so! His selections in all styles and media deal with this theme, love and food.

Local superstar chefs and culinary artists Laurent Grangien of Bistro Laurent, Chris Kobayashi of Artisan, Maegen Loring of Niner Wine Estates, and Santos MacDonal of Il Cortile, presented Chef's Choice awards to pieces that exemplified personal vision and creative approach as well as excellence in execution.

The award winners were:

Bret Brown for "Humanity Is An Ocean" - Artisan Award
Sandra MacGillivray for "Can She 'Ever' Bake A Cherry Pie!" - Il Cortile Award
Lena Rushing for "Eat Your Heart Out" - Niner Wine Estates Award
Teréz Tyni for "Evening in Paris" - Bistro Laurent Award

Harold Spencer presented the Editha Hayes Spencer Memorial Award to Helen K Davie for "Trout: Persistence of Memories." 

The front window installation "Bouquet garni" was conceived and executed by Eve Chartrand.

Exhibition Special Events
Juror's Talk
Saturday, February 7: 6 pm
Art After Dark Paso Opening Reception
Saturday, February 7: 6 pm - 9 pm

Featured Artists
Joseph Amanzio
George Asdel
Carol Timson Ball
Hellie Blythe
Carolyn Braun
DePrise Brescia
Laura Jean Bresli
Bret Brown
Donna Lee Brown
Catherine Carpenter-Bartley
Carrie Ann Correa
Dennis Curry
Helen K Davie
Marilyn Denner
Sue Dokulil
Katherine Forst
Peg Grady
Pam Haste
Nathalie Inman
Debra Jurey
Margrete Koreska
Anne Laddon
Judy Lyon
Sandra MacGillivray
Frances Marin
Melinda Martin
Garrett Adam Matueski
Jean McBride
Anna Meyrick
Susan Naughton
Richard Rahders
Colleen Ray
Jami Ray
Ann Marie Rode
Alice Ronke
Lena Rushing
Millicent Sabin
Susan F Schafer
Pat Siemer
Mindy Sisemore
Linda Grone Smith
Jan Swarbrick
Joe Thomas
Sally Tippman
William Tuck
Carol Tucker
Teréz Tyni
Nancy Vest
Kathy Wetzel
Ken Wilbanks
Stephanie Wilbanks
Young Bones


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