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Bottle Art: The Creativity of Wine Labels

November 2 - 29, 2021

Bottle Art: The Creativity of Wine Labels

November 2 - 29, 2021

The Paso Robles wine district has more than 200 wineries. Supermarket shelves often have over 500 different wines stacked 7 feet high. How does one choose? Some people narrow their choices by what food they will pair with it--red for beef, white for fish... But that still leaves hundreds of wines from which to choose. Some wine drinkers know the varietal that pairs well with their meal…a Pinot Noir or a GSM with my wife’s pork roast? Perhaps, but that still leaves dozens of wines. Choosing could take all day!

Enter the wine label. On average, they occupy about 15 square inches, about 3” x 5”. And whatever is placed on the label conveys much information about the wine, but not always the producer, vintage, varietal and the like. Sometimes it is a design, or just words in simple font. But sometimes it is truly a work of ART. With so many talented winemakers in the North County it is no wonder that the art of the wine label plays a big part in marketing and telling the winery’s story. In this respect, a collection of wine labels becomes an art gallery displayed on bottles.

For the month of November, Studios on the Park at 1130 Pine Street in downtown Paso Robles is bringing together some of the most creative images printed on wine labels in the Paso Robles Wine District.

Participating Wineries

Dilecta Winery

Dubost Family Wines

Hope Family Wines

J Dusi Wines

Jacob Toft

Paix Sur Terre Wines

Royal Nonesuch Farm & Kinero Wines

TOP Winery

Villa Creek/MAHA


Special Events

November 4th 5-7pm: Private Showing. $20 per participant. Proof of vaccine required. For more information, click here!

November 6th 6-9pm: Art and About Paso. Featured wineries wine's will be pours and Ken Warrick will be performing! Free admission.


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