1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

4 Styles

July 30 - September 27, 2015

4 Styles

July 30 - September 27, 2015
Studio 4 Gallery

4 Styles features four talented Central Coast photographers: Joseph Amanzio with his strong use of space, form, color, and light in his architectural compositions; Tim Bryan with his dramatic low light long exposures in the Golden Hour; Dean Crawford Jr with his graceful and sometimes strong blending of photography and graphic arts; and Jim Marx with his strong use of light and shape as his composition and form, with the color being about feeling, rather than actual.

4 Styles is much more than the sum of its four photographic approaches, it is also about four friendships and how that brings depth and dimension to their artwork through the sharing of ideas and making better images. There’s something for everyone who loves taking pictures and something for those who like interesting works of art. Come see 4 Styles, with 4 points of view, held together by friendship, and the love of photography.


About Joseph Amanzio
Joseph developed his interest in photography in the 1960s while studying architecture at the University of Florida. He took an elective course on photography with award winning photographer Jerry Uelsmann where he learned a creative approach to photography, darkroom procedures and processes for developing black and white images. 

When retiring after 40 as a professor of architecture, Joseph sensed a need to return to photography’s artistic and creative realms the like of which he learned from Professor Uelsmann. Joseph moved from San Luis Obispo in 2010 to Paso Robles where he joined as an active member of the Paso Robles Art Association’s Photography Guild.

Joseph’s photographs reflect his love for architectural compositions in terms of space, form, color, light, texture and detail. His photographs have been accepted in art exhibits where he received juried awards for their creative excellence. A selection of his digital work appeared in exhibits in New Your and San Jose. He also exhibited his work solo in shows in San Francisco and at San Luis Obispo’s Performing Arts Center.


About Tim Bryan
Tim Bryan is an avid photographer and a life long resident of the Paso Robles area. Being raised here and also a local real estate broker for over 35 years, he knows the area well. You can see him in the rural countryside of the north county in the early sunrise hours shooting landscapes or on our coastline shooting seascapes at sunset. He loves to work in the dramatic low light of dawn and dusk.

Tim also makes regular visits to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona to capture the dramatic colors in the canyons and mountains of the southwest. His other favorite regions are the Sierras, the Big Sur and Oregon Coasts plus the dramatic landscapes of the Northern Rocky Mountain states as well as Ireland.


About Dean Crawford Jr.
After Dean's first experience with photography in high school, he was hooked! Through college and into his career as a graphic designer and teacher, photography has played an important role in Dean's life. With digital photography, another chapter has opened. He can now introduce his graphic design into his photography images by way of a computer!

This award winning artist continues to teach adult education photography classes, shows his work through local shows and businesses and is a loyal member of the Paso Robles Art Association/Photo Guild here in Paso Robles.


About Jim Marx
Jim Marx is no stranger to photography, from the moment a Brownie Hawkeye camera was given to him as a child the world has been his palette. Raised in the Southern California desert, there was plenty of wild life to catch his eye. As a teenager, a neighbor gave him a 35mm camera, suddenly the full world of photography came into his life, color, black & white, and the dark room. The past 8 years, digital photography has given him a new means to express, a new drawing board, and a fulfilling retirement.

"My favorite time of day to take photographs is early morning or late afternoon, so I see and photograph a large number of sunrises and sunsets. I see light and shape, then the composition makes itself known in my mind as I try to put it into the camera."

Red Skelton and Ansel Adams influenced his interest in photography, development of composition, and study of light. He knew both men and held them in high regard for the passion of their art. 


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