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March 7, 2018

Sharon Sobraske, Acrylic Artist

By Sharon Sobraske

Sharon Sobraske, Acrylic Artist

By Carolyn Braun

“Painting helps me to illustrate my awareness of the world as I see it.
Painting becomes my meditation expressed in color.”

Sharon Sobraske was always an artist. Crayons, colored pencils, collage and watercolors eventually led to acrylics with a short side trip with oils. But, acrylics had that special quality she needed to paint the colors she saw in the local landscape. “I love mountains and their constantly changing shapes and shadows with the moving light.”

“I consider it a special gift to be able to see multi colors in nature and then recreate my observations on canvas.” As she approaches her canvas daily in her studio, she remembers learning about color awareness and that is not a gift available to everyone.

Since she is open to experimentation, her work shows unique directions involving brushwork and color application with influences from classical artists like the Impressionists. Other influences include studies with local artists including Robert Burridge, John Barnard and Jeanette Wolfe. Sometimes mixed media materials are evident as she explores combinations of print and paint. Unexpected serendipities will send her off in a whole new direction....if she gets a pleasing effect especially if the colors are bold and bright.

At her Studios on the Park studio gallery, Sharon encourages visitors to share her vision through conversations about her art. She feels that her more contemporary approach is a view that people would love and enjoy in their homes. A recent visitor walked in saying, “This is my style! I am so glad to meet you!” This was an exciting conversation.

Since Sharon paints from her heart, she loves being told that her style is exactly what someone is looking for. Her goal is to have her work affordable so that everyone who wants one of her paintings can have the experience of original art at home. “I want people to be happy, uplifted and personally touched by my paintings”.

“Original art is a custom fit that adds personality and tone. My customers are kindred spirits who love visiting my studio to talk about my work and how it affects them. I’m very interested in what people are looking for and how I can fit their needs.

It is her sincere hope that visitors to her studio will stop, look and chat about her visions. Her work, of course, usually begins the conversation.

Sharon is represented in numerous private collections and shows her work daily at Studios on the Park where she has been a resident artist for several years. She holds Signature Membership in the Central Coast Watercolor Society and the International Society of Acrylic Painters.

Visit Sharon at Studios on the Park, 1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA. Reach her at


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