1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446
July 9, 2009

Not Just Sticks!

By Lynn Kishiyama

Not Just Sticks!

Hi Everyone!

Here is the latest from "Studio 9"....These are not just sticks. . . but  lengths of 8' bamboo that I had left over from another show.  They were taking up room in my studio and I began wondering how I could re-invent another life for them....and now they now have a new life as "Kisetsu Sticks" ("Season Sticks") which represent the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.  The seasons in Japan have great importance and they are represteted by flowers and colors.  The colors of the strings and embellishments I chose could be represented in the colors of a kimono that would have been chosen by a geisha.  Be romantic.....


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