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March 7, 2018

Magic In Art

By Vincent Bernardy

Magic In Art

By Lisa McCann

“I humbly attempt to connect with the divine muses in my works in hopes that they will notice and influence me in my way of speaking through my art. My hope is to move others in an unexpected way.” – Vincent Bernardy

To live and create as an artist is to share with the world one’s own unique take. A lifetime of experiences. The present and past. The good and the frustrating. The happy and the sad. It can be scary or confusing. It can elicit bliss and a cathartic experience all at the same time.

Each work contains a part of its creator and that’s what you feel in the art of Vincent Bernardy. His folk art assemblages and pop art evoke emotions from laughter to tears and back to laughter again. The more you look the more the work evolves.

Visitors to his space at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles CA have been known to marvel at the fact they are for sale at all.

Vogue celebrity designer, Miranda Konstantinidou was the inspiration for a work for which he has received much acclaim; Vincent’s, ‘Miranda Konstantinidou and Jay.’

American painter, Mark Bryan says of the assemblage, “I’ve never seen anything like it before. This piece belongs in a museum, not for sale.”

“It brings out childhood feelings in just about everyone who sees it. As adults in this world, I’m happy to bring a sense of wonderment and play,” says Bernardy.

A lifetime of artistic endeavors from the glamorous to the mundane have marked Vincent’s path. A St. Paul native, Bernardy spent his youth as a rock star. A leading and sought after figure in the late 80’s early 90’s Minneapolis scene.

Those experiences cannot be dismissed as influence in his paintings. When you see the work, you see Vincent.

The found art and assemblage components are no accident. Many of his pieces include imagery of childhood, mythology and even religion. Certain pieces are adorned with tacking nails from his time as and upholster. Memories of struggle, happiness, hope and practical reality loom throughout.

Vincent explains, “I exist in another realm when I create. It’s hard to describe. I’m never quite sure of what I’m saying until it’s done. Every emotion known to humans inspires my work.”

Found art plays a role in Vincent’s work much in the same way we all carry with us bits of our past. “What’s lost is never truly lost. Simply repurposed for new understanding. Sometimes things just fit. Whether it’s a hammer or a thing that reminds us of a long lost love. They all exist together in our memories.”

“Be a kid. Be a grownup. Just be. I know when a piece is ready.” VB

Vincent’s work has most recently been accepted by the online folk art auction site, Slotin Folk Art for their “Spring Masterpiece Sale’.

Slotin Folk Art sells important pieces form artists, living and dead. The Slotin online auction is April 28th and 29th, 2018.

Vincent’s art is also currently on display at Studios on the Park.

**Vincent has also heard some negative feedback regarding his art and all should be advised, he has purchased a squirt gun and is not afraid to use it. 😉

Vincent Bernardy


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