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June 6, 2019

Finding Inspiration in Everything

By Deprise Brescia

Finding Inspiration in Everything

“Where do you get your inspiration?” That’s the question I hear most. My answer, “Where do I NOT find inspiration?” Nature, love, science, spirituality, dance, human nature, quantum physics, bodies, art and life. Everything I look at is a form of inspiration: sounds of nature speak to me, patterns in tree bark capture my attention, faces in stones jump out. When unleashed my imagination provides all I need to create for multiple lifetimes. In this lifetime I chose to be an artist; my entire life has been about creating in one form or another. As a child I painted, drew, crocheted, ice skated, danced, sang, twirled baton and made movies with my brothers and sisters. That lead to a BA in Dance and Theater Arts. My passion for movement and respect for the human body are threaded through much of the work I am creating at the moment. I go through periods as an artist and fall in love with either an art form or subject matter. We have a mad love affair and I create wildly and prolifically until my curious nature draws my attention in another direction. Maybe that is also why people ask, “Is this ALL your work?” The different styles and subjects boggle even me.

Beauty in all forms is something that soothes the soul. My travels around the world always land me in places of great inspiration. Staring at famous and not so famous works of art in the world’s most noted museums brings tears to my eyes and stirs feelings deep within my soul. I experience a profound connection with the artists who created them that supersedes time, place and medium. I understand the principles of entrainment and wish to surround myself with positive uplifting things. That is also why I wish to create art that uplifts and inspires people. The world is a very big place and on my journey through life I have discovered there are many spiritual and scientific techniques I could mix into artwork to help entrain people positively. I experiment and thread these concepts and theories into the work, all with positive intention through a variety of mediums. I grew up exposed to crystals and pyramids, meditation and mathematics. In fact, math and business were the focus of my college studies until I fell in love with dance. It is the one art form in which we are the soul product by which it is made.

Who knew my mathematics background would come into play as a necessary tool to help in the construction of many of the installation artworks I would create? I am referring to the current pyramid project, an eight-foot-tall 72’ pyramid made of quartz crystal, marble, jade, granite, citrine, kyanite both black and blue and tigers eye. The pyramid project was made possible in part with a grant from the Coastal Awakening Foundation. Research on the 72’ pyramid surfaced data that highlighted remarkable findings of healing and concentrated energy that serve to uplift body and mind. That was enough to get my creative juices flowing with the thought of amplifying the energy with quartz. The energy is great and there is lots of wonderful feedback. That puts a smile on my face - to see people FEEL the work. The pyramid is on display for people to try out at Studios on the Park at 1130 Pine Street in Paso Robles.

I work on many projects at the same time. When my left brain is occupied, my right brain is free to play. I think that is why much of the artwork I create has so much going on. I find that when the left brain is trying to figure things out and occupied, the right brain engages and can be positively impacted by the beauty, positive messages and input provided. Who would have though all of this lived behind the mind of an artist? I suspect this depth lives behind all of our masks. I feel we are more the same than different. Art crosses the imagined borders that keep us apart.

I look forward to meeting you and learning about what inspires you. You can find me at Studios on the Park in Gallery #10, the Hunt Cellars tasting room and at


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