1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Terez Tyni

Terez Tyni

Known and respected for her bold, spirited style and use of vivid color, Teréz Tyni’s paintings create a sense of peace that capture the vibrancy of California’s central coast and beyond!

In her early years she participated in watercolor workshops and studied with many renowned artists, which were the stepping-stones to developing the unique style for which she is known today.

Her more recent works in oils are more about allowing the spirit to guide her using thick impasto strokes creating rhythm and movement in a more abstract expression. Teréz has shown and displayed her work locally and has received many awards and recognition for her distinct style.


Her Story:

Teréz was raised in Santa Barbara, moved to the central coast in 1985 to raise a family.  She helped her husband promote their local family restaurant, which led to a 15 year long offshoot biscotti manufacturing business.  During this period she realized a large part of her was missing- her lost passion of painting. After selling the company and moving to Paso Robles, Teréz was able to work as a personal fashion stylist for an online women’s clothing company. This flexible business permitted her to work part time all the while keeping her finger on the pulse of the evolving and growing central coast art scene. This new found freedom allowed her to devote much more time to her life long love of painting and to share her gift with many others who enjoy her work.


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