1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Marilyn Zahm

Marilyn Zahm

Marilyn has been smitten with photography for as long as she can remember----seriously since the mid-1970s. Taking classes to sharpen her skills in the ‘70s, Marilyn fell in love with artistic photography and began viewing and recording her world in a whole new way.

Several years of photographing products for brochures was not as fulfilling as simply photographing what was beautiful and interesting---so professional photography gave way to the business world of marketing and management for financial support---and hours in the darkroom for creative nurturing.

“The darkroom is the real training ground for the photographic eye---it’s there that you learn to really see the picture within the photograph”

Years of working in her darkroom led to a keener approach to seeing her world and black and white photography gave way to color.

Friends who were familiar with Marilyn’s photography convinced her to start making photocards and enlargements from her “reference” photos, in the early 1990s ----and the rest is history!!!

Marilyn lives in the Central California Coast town of Cambria with her very loving and supportive husband and three very inspiring kitties—Champ, Prince and Todd.



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