1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Lynn Kishiyama

Lynn Kishiyama

I’ve always been attracted to paper’s versatility, capability and strength.  I love the idea of taking the humble paper, and transforming it into something unique and beautiful.  I continue to experiment with papers potential and developed my own techniques of mixing cast paper with clay, acrylic and polymer mediums and aluminum leaf.  I carefully determine the result I want and these ‘new papers’ and the resulting textures and colors are re-assembled to accomplish a mood or feeling.  I position these shapes on a substrate combining them to complete an abstract collage or ‘mask totem’.  I invite the unexpected, never trying to completely control the end result.  Instead I look for the balance between intuition and experience. 

Discovering the diverse properties of paper evokes a feeling that invites the viewer deeper into the piece.  I hope the artwork creates a visual and textural reminder of the beauty and flexibility of paper and offers an object lesson regarding the transformational power of art.


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