1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Kate Moldauer

Kate Moldauer

Katherine has spent a lifetime pursuing the soul within figurative art. Her passion for the figure has taken her study to the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Much in the time-honored tradition of Leonardo she worked with medical cadavers to understand the human forms on live models. After Katherine’s studies and degree she was asked to teach Anatomy for Artists at the Academy of Art.

Katherine’s personal work has included classical life-size figurative sculpture and figurative drawings. Now living on the Central Coast, Katherine expresses her passion for the figure using numerous mediums. One of her favorite mediums, oil paints has allowed her to broaden her vision on large canvases.

“It’s exciting to see a painting in progress as each artist looks at their subject and interprets how color applied with a brush will convey form and meaning. Drawing has been the artists’ most direct route to creation but painting takes that work to a depth of artistic interpretation and interest.

Katherine doesn’t see her fascination or study into the human figure ending anytime soon, “Sunsets are lost on me, but a look in someone’s eye, a hand gesture, non-verbal body language, all haunt me as I try to recreate the essence of the human spirit, the underlying form that allows us to endure a lifetime, no matter how hard or easy.

Katherine continues to teach anatomy, portrait painting, and figurative drawing several times a year and accepts private students.


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