1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

David Butz

David Butz

Capturing the beauty of nature, from its raucous spectacle to its soft quiet moments, is the theme that binds David’s artwork together. He explores the parks and wilderness areas of the western United States, searching for breathtaking subjects to translate into prints and paintings. Adept at expressing effects of light and water, David hopes to provoke the same emotions for his viewers that he feels when witnessing a scene.

David explores printmaking processes, pushing limits and trying new techniques. In intaglio printmaking, a plate (or other matrix) is created that conveys the ink to the paper to make the print. He loves the way the plate captures the character and energy of his marks and convey his feelings to the paper. And printmaking has one other special moment; the often-stunning reveal when the paper is pulled up off the plate!


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