1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Christy Wilkins

Christy Wilkins

California native, Christy Wilkins, resides in Atascadero with her husband and three kids. She is predominantly a self taught artist, having learned techniques from her mother (also an accomplished artist), high school art teacher, community classes and painting/drawing/crafting alongside her art loving friends throughout the years. Her acrylic paintings are whimsical, often incorporating an abundance of vibrant colors, movement and emotion. Her artistic inspiration often comes from her imagination as well as the world around her. Adding a unique touch to an otherwise ordinary subject warms her heart and further ignites her passion to continue creating.

The ocean has a presence in a large portion of her pieces. As a child living in Moss Beach, CA, some of her first memories were formed at the beach - exploring the spectacular tide pools, hiking the majestic cypress forested cliffs and entranced by the waves crashing on the shore.  Later in life she took up scuba diving with her husband and has been so lucky to explore the underwater flora and fauna of the Northern California coastline, Monterey Bay, shipwrecks off the Florida coast, and the island of Roatan, Honduras.

"It excites me to try and get my perspective of the world across to others with the simple tools of paint and a brush."


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