1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Carlota Santa Cruz

Carlota Santa Cruz

Carlota Santa Cruz creates shapes and colours that invite the viewer’s imagination to enjoy nature’s wonders, oceans’ grandeur and avant-garde life of the Vieux Carré. She was highly influenced by Georgia O’Keefe’s early works of near abstract natural forms; Dorothea Lange’s photographic artistry for humanizing the consequences of the Great Depression.; and Judith Ripka’s baroque jewelry designs. Carlota introduces her own life experiences to the canvas thru painting with acrylic, oil, digital photographic processes, and to jeweled adornments with semi-precious gem designs.

Carlota embraces technology as she pursues her life-long love of the Arts. In youth, she freely explored the natural world, enabling her to see beyond the boundaries of the five senses and develop great appreciation for life’s interconnectedness and practices for inner peace. She’s enjoyed living in New Orleans and California, and working with corporations from coast to coast.

In Northern California, she earned degrees in the Arts, and in Industrial Arts (with added concentrations in metals: lost wax casting, welding and ceramics), and Teaching. Carlota takes Pablo Picasso’s words to heart, “Every child is an Artist.”

In recent years, her artwork has shown and received awards in Central Coast California exhibitions, and the Art Photography Collection ‘Exposure Award’, presented at the Louvre Museum in Paris.


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