1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Andrew Tobey

Andrew Tobey

Andy Tobey was raised in Paso Robles and grew up with a desire to discover. This has led him to the Pacific Northwest, Tennessee and most recently to North Italy. This last European adventure kindled a love for black and white photography where the timelessness of the landscape comes hand-in-hand with the long traditions of its people.

Andy shoots mostly monochrome, yet he admits there are certain moments where color can be a welcome and necessary addition to a particular scene. His style includes long-exposure, landscape and street photography. When possible, he always tries to create a personal connection with his subjects.

Andy is currently based in Atascadero, California where the time he spent away has brought new photographic inspiration to a familiar place.

โ€œMy hope is that in sharing my view of the world, we all will be reminded of the beauty of each moment and remember that it passes as quickly as the blink of a cameraโ€™s shutter.โ€


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