1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446
March 2, 2016

History In The Making

By Anne Laddon

History In The Making

Courtesy of Deprise Brescia, Paso Robles Art Association Board Member

Everyday we create a piece of history through the collection of actions we take. The student artists of Paso Robles High School: Sabrina Peterson, Ravanne Ramirez, Daniela Reyes and Lindsay Svinth are making their mark. These talented young artists have graciously donated their time and done exactly that. Their stunning artwork enhances the exterior wall of The Odyssey World Café in downtown Paso Robles, CA. They have left a beautiful mark in history not only for local business, but also for the “Art Beyond our Walls “Program made possible through the Paso Robles Art Association.

Paso Robles High School stepped up to the plate when asked if their advanced art students would like to participate in the “Art Beyond Our Walls” Program by submitting personal designs for Odyssey World Café, a local business that wanted to enliven their long standing exterior.

With a desire to get a fresh, new look, the owners were open to having students design unique works based upon the theme and current logo for the establishment. The students were inspired by the challenge and welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate their unique talents and skills. Under the supervision of PRAA volunteers the challenge was a success.

The Paso Robles Art Association is a non-profit membership organization comprised of artists and art lovers alike. Artists range from novice to professional and everything in between. All mediums from photography, digital art, painting, sculpture, encaustic, collage, oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylics and more are represented. Four guilds, which include; photography, pastels, jewelry, and painters help artists find kindred spirits and group activities creating a place to belong. The guilds hold separate meetings to support and encourage growth and friendship in their specific areas of interest. These guilds are each part of the PRAA organization.

The PRAA is an inclusive membership group that welcomes artists and art lovers alike. Volunteers are always welcome to participate and give back to the community through fun and exciting services. Docents, teachers, assistants, bookkeepers, fun and happy people are always encouraged to join.

Together we are building bridges of art, joining the youth with local business through art. The PRAA’s “Art Beyond Our Walls” program is designed to support member artists and local business by exhibiting art and bringing it out into the community. The PRAA is engaging artists and art lovers everywhere to beautify our community and give back. The PRAA volunteers generously give their time, expertise and art by hanging, mentoring and exhibiting artwork beyond the gallery walls.

The original Paso Robles Art Club was established back in March of 1949. What began as a small social group of ladies that came together to share art and friendship has blossomed into a notable force for art in California central coast’s wine country. In 1973 the Paso Robles Art Club incorporated into a 501c3.

The current gallery location for the PRAA exists inside Studios on The Park Gallery #7 at 1130 Pine Street Downtown Paso Robles, California.

Over the years the ebb and flow of life changed the PRAA into an organization with a powerful mission; To enrich the local community with a gallery featuring juried works, receptions and art related events.

PRAA also helps the youth through a scholarship fund for graduating high school students through Questa College. PRAA vets and creates avenues for artists to share, enrich and uplift the local landscape. All of these avenues help build more bridges of art.

“Art Beyond Our Walls” is a program developed by the PRAA bringing art out into local commerce. These businesses are interested in supporting local artists and art in the community.

The additional component for “Art Beyond Our Walls” is bringing young artists into the mix, giving them valuable guidance and a taste of what the working artist experiences. A small step into the shoes of the future world and experiences they may wish to encounter and grow from.


Under the encouragement of elected official Dr. James Brescia, the San Luis Obispo County Superintendent of Schools, art and art programs need to be brought back into the schools where they belong. This necessity benefits our children and society as a whole. Dr. James Brescia has advised the county school superintendents to recognize this need and take action.

Superintendent of Paso Robles Joint Unified School District, Chris Williams has stepped up and taken supportive action for our local students. Gallery #9 at Studios On The Park, 1130 Pine Street, downtown Paso Robles now displays the works of student artists in this district.

Art has proven to bring out skills needed for twenty first century citizens. These are skills of creative problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, interpersonal communications, working cooperatively with others, and leadership.

Time and again, research proves the benefits of art and using the right hemisphere of the brain increases creativity for problem solving, implementation of solutions in a smoother fashion, increased endorphins released in the human body. The list of benefits is endless.

Bridges of art bring youth and experience together benefiting everyone. Come be a part of history and join the PRAA. Give your time and or donations to help build more of these valuable bridges. Help PRAA thrive and keep art alive. Join today.



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